I will give ADVANCED internet traffic formula


About This Gig

In the beginning, I struggled very much to find the real truth behind getting targeted traffic and subscribers. Now I have found something I can share and give back. I personally call it Freedom Formula!

My book is an internet traffic training course that will teach you advanced strategies used by successful internet marketers. You can follow me step by step in my picture-rich book to learn how to pull tons of targeted trafic to your blogs, website, videos or any other online or offline content of yours.

Table of Contents
  Freedom for Internet marketers 

Overview of the Course
  The 3 components of the Formula

Capture Mastery 1
  The Simple Capture Machine

Capture Mastery 2
  How To Create An Effective Capture Mechanism

Capture Mastery 3
  How To Create A Brand New Campaign 

The Mastery Formula:
  • PPC
  • PPV
  • Newsletter
  • Solo Ads & Ad Swaps
  • Mail Media
  • Traffic Agencies (Very awesome)
  • SEO/Organic TR
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Banner Media
  • CPA Media
  • Social Media
  • Mobile marketing
  • Content Syndication
  • Re-targeting (you will love this!)
  • Video Marketing
  • Offline Media
  • TR Exchanges
  • Rss Directories
  • Joint Venture
  • Torrent Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Viral Traffic Strategies

Conversion Mastery
  How Super TR Agencies Work