I will help you source products from China

help you source products from China
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About This Gig

I am a bilingual native Chinese lawyer with over 10 years of experience handling foreign related business, helping westerners to do business with Chinese.

I am also the co-founder of SANVINNA International, which in addition to my legal service, provides a variety of other services.

We can help you to:

1. Source products from China
2.develop business plans and carry out market researches to explore the Chinese market; 
3. present your services/products to potential clients in China on behalf of you;
4. promote your services/products online like Wechat, Baidu etc;
5. communicate with your Chinese clients;
6. act as your physical presence in China;
7. set up a hotline to receive customer requests and provide customer services on behalf of you in China;
8. overcome language barriers when doing business in China;
9. avoid all legal risks when doing business in China;
10. protect your properties, including your physical and intellectual properties, in China legally;
11. draft and translate all necessary documents for doing business in China;
12. and so many more...

Please contact me if you need any help in China.

Thank you!

Order Details

3 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions