I will share mt4 indicator for successful trading

share mt4 indicator for successful trading

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The mt4 indicator works on the principle of support, resistance and pivot point. It shows three resistance R1, R2 and R3, one pivot price line and three support price lines S1, S2, S3. You can allot different colors to support and resistance and also can adjust the line style. 

Each support line shows as a buying opportunity while each resistance line shows selling opportunity. For example, if price is around S1, buy the stock/currency and place the stop around S2 while your takeprofit should be pivot point or R1 depending upon volatility of market. 

Similarly if price is around R2, sell the stock/currency and place stop at R3 while takeprofit at R1.

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MT4 Indicator | Perfect Exit/Entry

The mt4 indicator is based on support, resistance and pivot and it gives nice and clean tradesignal