I will provide a full business startup map

provide a full business startup map

About This Gig

Hello dear buyer. This is a gig that helps you get started with your business, turning your idea into a real business.

The business map includes:

1.       Detailed classification of you enterprise in the market.

2.       Designation and analysis of the operation model/s of your enterprise.

3.       Organizational structure.

4.       A full detailed business plan.

5.       Whole strategy of the program (programing strategy, financial strategy, capacity building strategy, cultural strategy).


These categories are summarized in this description, in order to prevent copyright issues. If you are interested in the full description and specification of these categories, private message me and you will have a link with a data sheet, providing the full content and description of the work.

This gig includes costume orders. I can work on one of the categories, the business plan only or any other request you may have regarding the business starting map.

Please do take in the consideration all the work needed to provide a quality work that is actually helpful, before making a request.