I will be your virtual helper for 5 hours

be your virtual helper for 5 hours

About This Gig


PLEASE message Sara before ordering. 

This is a custom offer for clients I work with who need a retainer for the month. You purchase 5-hours at $5 each and any hours after that will be $15 if added within the same billing month.

For Example: 

You need images for social media throughout the month or you need a quick blog post or keyword research. You're not sure when but you do know it will be within the next 29 days. 

You may have a membership site you upload content to each month. You'd like someone to add it to AmazonAWS and prepare the email notification for the new content. 

I'm open to work on the following: MailChimp, WordPress, AMember, Aweber, GetResponse, Blogger, Weebly, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Writing/Editing.

Simply send me a message with your request and I'll work on it. 

*Hours do not transfer to next 29-day cycle 
*Order subject to cancellation if you do not MESSAGE SARA prior to ordering

Order Details

Virtual Helper - custom


  • Project Management
  • 5 Hours of Work
  • Formatting & Clean Up
  • Organize, Classify or Tag Your Files
  • Basic Photo Editing
29 days delivery
Gig Paused

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Track Hours Worked?
    I use Toggl timesheet management service. Each client has an account for each project. When your hours are 'spent', I run a report and send it to you when the order is delivered.
  • Do You Schedule Social Media Posts?
  • Can you help me setup or update my membership site?
    I'm familiar with aMember (beginner level) and currently learning MemberPress If it is already installed and all you need is tech help (granted the documentation and User's manual is available) I will consider it. Please do message me before hand.
  • Do you do transcription?
    No, I do not. I can offer referrals to some excellent V.A.'s who specialize in this.
  • Why do you charge $15-hour after the initial gig?
    I am one person, therefore I can not (and will not) work 24-7 on-call. I work M - F 8am - 4pm Pacific Standard Time. There are others who pool their talent and offer a wide variety of skills 24-7, So when you buy from them, you are working with 5+ more people. Time+Quality+Enjoying Life = $15/hour
  • Can you write an quick e-book for me?
    Yes and No. Define, "quick". I write on a number of topics and an e-book can be anywhere from 3-pages to 100+ pages. 1. I do offer a writing gig. This is original content and all rights are transferred to you. 2. I can take your content and rewrite it, format it, and convert it into a PDF.
  • I have a question not answered here, how to I contact you?
    You can message me here on Fiverr. I check messages in the morning and the in the evening Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm PST. If we've agreed to work over a weekend, I will be available.
  • Do you work with Kindle Publishing?
    No, I do not. I do have referrals for V.A.'s if you need one, but check Fiverr first. Lots of talent here.
  • Can you install and setup a WordPress Plugin?
    Yes. I do have a WP-Maintenence Gig if you'd like.