I will comment on your blog

comment on your blog

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  20 thoughtful comments on your blog 30 thoughtful comments on your blog 40 thoughtful comments on your blog
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About This Gig

Not getting as many blog visitors as you would like? The easiest way to boost your blog's ranking in search engine results is to receive comments for each blog post. 

For $5 I will:
* Read 20 posts, which will provide traffic from different IP address
* Write 20 comments (30-50 words) on different blog posts
* Include keywords (of your choosing - optional)
* For more comments, Please check my packages.

If it is possible by your website, I will post under different usernames (usually includes photo etc). Different accounts makes it look real. 
  • I can also post using Facebook and Disqus! Or any Social media of your choice.

I provide the usernames as proof of the gig being delivered. If you require something additional to this, please let me know at the time of purchasing the gig.