I will send you distance healing Reiki energy

send you distance healing Reiki energy

About This Gig

Stressed?  Tired?  Out Of Balance?

Get yourself a Reiki treatment!

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing method which balances and cleanses the body’s “chi,” promoting relaxation and peace and enabling the body to heal itself spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Distance is no concern for Reiki since all it is is energy!

Reiki is also great for creatives as it helps unblock your chakras and allow your creative juices to flow!

What should you expect to feel?  It varies for each person, but common descriptions are a sudden calm, gentle warmth or perhaps a slight tingling.  Absolutely nothing unpleasant!

Reiki is 100% safe; it can only help, it can never harm.

This will probably not make you win the lottery or cause you to find that all your troubles are suddenly gone... but it will help you deal with those troubles when they come up :)

Whether you're tired, ill, run down or just out of sorts, book yourself a Reiki treatment and improve yourself and your life in a safe, natural and holistic way!

Pet treatments are also available, see my other gigs!

Please note that while Reiki can be sent to anyone or anything, I must have a person's expressed permission before I Reiki them.

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