I will give you a Weight Loss DIET with a daily meal plan

give you a Weight Loss DIET with a daily meal plan

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While other diets will likely try and convince you otherwise, the reason that most people just can’t seem to lose weight has nothing to do with caloric intake or the amount of fat they are consuming, though those certainly play a part. In reality, however, the real culprit is your carbohydrate intake and simply by cutting out most, but not all, carbohydrates you can turn your body into a fat burning machine.

If you are interested in tricking your body into burning fat, instead of carbohydrates for energy, you need to trick it into what is known as a state of ketosis, where it will instead burn fat for fuel. This is what the Ketogenic Diet is about!

The most difficult part of any diet is finding the types of meals you are interested in actually eating, a difficultly easily avoided by simply following the meal plan. What are you waiting for? 

Start to lose weight now!

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One Week meal plan + 5 snacks recipes

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