I will bless you with LOVE and peace in your home

bless you with LOVE and peace in your home

About This Gig

GOD Wants us all to love one another and live together peacefully.  I will bless you enjoy Shalom Bayit, i.e., True Love and Peace in your home. Enter the Gates of your renewed love and experience the warm serenity of belonging--no matter where you've been nor what you've experienced. Know that you are Beloved, and your home is Blessed with peace. Enjoy the nurturing intimacy, without judgement. Replenish your strength to face tomorrow's trials. Your home is a place to enjoy in comfort with your family and friends. Come and celebrate life together!

Shalom Bayit is a Gift to be opened and enjoyed. True Love and Peace is a blessing to be shared. Feel the sweetness again, and again.  

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