I will read your personal Birth Torah Portion guide for life

read your personal Birth Torah Portion guide for life

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The lights to guide you are right there, and I will show you them as clearly as possible. The Divine insights thru your Birth Torah Portion have been given to guide your life challenges and lead you towards achieving fulfillment. Your life is a gift and you were meant to enjoy it!

Your Birth Torah will enlighten you through the darkest struggles that may keep repeating. Through acceptance and understanding of your Birth Torah you will recognize your recurring challenge for what it is, and internalize the intended teaching. "Oh, that one again. Ha! I know it now when I see it!" will be your new response to an old annoyance.

Through love and joy I will unravel the secrets of your lot in life and advise how best to proceed. Through gratitude and reverence I hope to guide you to your highest potential.

With Blessings of Love from Jerusalem!

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Birth Torah Portion

Divine guide for your life