I will proofread up to 1,300 words of your work

proofread up to 1,300 words of your work

About This Gig

I love and adore the written word and will work hard to make your writing accurate, fluid and impressive! For just $5 I will proofread up to 1,300 words for fluency in syntax, repetition, punctuation and grammar. I have a wealth of experience editing work of fiction and non-fiction, such as online profiles, blogs, academic essays, and creative works such as short stories and novels. I will clean up your document and make it professional and clean-looking so it will be ready to publish!

If the piece is over 1,300 words, please order more gigs as appropriate. After three, message me and we can work out pricing and timing.

This gig is for the revising and proofreading of grammar and mechanics (i.e., sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, usage, word choice, etc.). If you would like a more detailed critique on your writing with comments and reworking of sentence structure to make transitions smoother and prose livelier (or grimmer, if that's what you're going for), then it will be the price of two gigs. 

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3 days delivery