I will code new custom Posttype for your wordpress website for $5

code new custom Posttype for your wordpress website
code new custom Posttype for your wordpress website

About This Gig

I create custom posttypes for your wordpress site. 

What are Post Types and Taxonomies?

WordPress comes with five default post types. Posts are one of the post type just like pages, attachments, navigation menus, and revisions. All of them are stored in the posts database table and are differentiated by a column called post_type.

How Do You Know When You Need A Custom Post Type or Taxonomy?

You can theoretically add any type of content in WordPress posts and sort them with categories and tags, but sometimes this is not ideal. 

  1. Some content you are posting just doesn’t look and feel like a post. For example our blogging coupons.
  2. It does not need to be part of a chronological series of entries. For example ourWordPress glossary.
  3. Categories and Tags don’t help you group and sort that particular content. For example: specific sections in our coupons area.
  4. You need additional fields to enter more information with your content.
  5. You need to display that particular content differently than posts or pages.


Custom Post Types Help WordPress Serve Your Site Better

Basic Gigs :

1) custom Postype with maximum 5 custom fields