I will write,read or edit upto 1500 words in a day

write,read or edit upto 1500 words in a day

About This Gig

I can write original, informative and creative work on just about any topic in the shortest time possible. 

I have been writing since I was a child and there's nothing I love more. What I offer is skill, efficiency, attention to detail, professionalism, speed, and most importantly: 100% originality. I'm fast with research and compiling large amounts of information in a short amount of time. 

I published a novel when I was a teenager, and I'm therefore good with fiction. I'm also good with reading/editing any amount of text of any kind, be it fiction or non fiction.

When it comes to creative writing, I have experience with short stories, general prose, poetry, articles, opinion pieces, etc - and can expand on pretty much any topic. Here's the thing: I'll work with large amounts of text. For the standard gig, I'm offering you up to 1000 words on anything you need, in 24 hours. I'll also proofread text upto that.

Message me with the details on what you're looking for, and I'll respond almost immediately! 

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