I will do a personalized numerology reading

do a personalized numerology reading
do a personalized numerology reading

About This Gig

Using your full birthday (day, month, year), I will provide you with a detailed reading the coming months or year.

The system I use is a yogic technology that maps your subtle bodies using your birthdate. With this system I can make suggests for areas to focus on and offer some tangible lifestyle recommendations to tap into your highest potential. I will tell you about your karma, destiny and what you can do to balance these influences.

If you have a specific question you would like to ask, please provide it with your birthdate information.

I am a yoga teacher studying tantric numerology, vedic astrology and subtle anatomy and it is my pleasure to use my skills to serve your highest potential.

Please note that providing a reading does not imply taking responsibility for any consequences or choices that arise from your response to the reading. Furthermore, it is important to note that once you have this information your outcomes can always modify based on free will, and the readings are intended to give you insight into some possibilities so that you can make choices that serve your highest potential.