I will professionally master your song for $5

/ / 2 Days On Average
professionally master your song
professionally master your song

About This Gig

As one of the last steps in the production chain is the mastering process. Achieved by mastering the music production significantly improve the sonic impression.

I'm using various technical equipment such as filters, equalizers, compressors or psycho-acoustic devices of both worlds (analog and digital) Brands used: Avalon, Lexicon, Sony, Sonnox, SSL, Universal Audio, Brainworx and many more.

No "presets" applied

File Preparation
  • WAV or AIFF, 16bit, 24bit or 32bit), 44,1 kHz or better
  • MP3 (can be used but not recommended)
  • No dithering, loudness maximizer, multiband-compressor, or EQs on your Stereo Output
  • A headroom of 6 dB (the meter should never exceed -6db)

You may also like to send a reference song, so we can get a better picture of your ideas sound.

Please name you files like this
(e.g. SasanEda_Amnesia_24bit_441kHz_128bpm_Emin)

I will return your song in CD quality WAV format. If you like I can send you a 320kbps MP3 format (converted with high quality converter software, no iTunes or freeware Tools) at no extra charge!

For MP3
CD Cover
Label / Publishing

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