I will plan your trip to Slovenia

plan your trip to Slovenia
plan your trip to Slovenia
plan your trip to Slovenia

About This Gig

Hi everybody!

I am a student from Slovenia and I am here to offer You a quality service and consultation on travelling to Slovenia (Europe). I am a bachelor of tourism and doing finishing touches on my master degree in tourism. I am an avid traveller and could honestly say I know »thing or two« about travelling, quality of service and tourism:). And I know my country almost like my own pocket:).

I am offering You a fully personalized travel itinerary / travel plan for travelling to / around Slovenia. I will help you to fully experience Slovenia and guide you on your way.

I will prepare travel itinerary / travel plan based on Your budget, dates, accommodation preferences, personal interests and much more.

5$ gig consist of:

  • 3x Accommodation options
  • 3x Attraction options
  • 3x What to do options
  • 3x Where to eat options

  • Please bear in mind that this is only a BASIC offer! We can work on so much more. For special itineraries you must send me a personal message so we can deal on the details of your inquiry! The final price is set by mutual agreement.

    Wish you all amazing time in Slovenia. Srečno pot (bon voyage:))!