I will transcribe 10 minutes of quality audio or video in 3days

transcribe 10 minutes of quality audio or video in 3days

About This Gig

I will be able to transcribe 10 minutes of quality audio for $5

Allow me to transcribe your audio and provide you accurate transcripts and let me help you reach your business/project goals through the help of my transcription services. 

I guarantee top notch, above expectation transcription service for you! :)

I will transcribe your audio video scanned documents tele-seminars  WEBINARS, interviews, speeches

I transcribe Verbatim and Non Verbatim transcriptions with NO additional cost attach :)


Fillers: I leave them out (umm..., like...) but can leave them as per your request.
File format: I do transcriptions in .doc, doc or pdf file format (any or all of them).
Background noise, inaudible words, strong accent. When I can't understand what's being said, I clearly mark that in the file using brackets ( ).I do make sure there are as little gaps as possible.
Timestamp (extra option). I can add timestamps - special markers that indicate a time when something was said. I can do this on at specific time intervals (usually every 5 minutes, but you can choose any interval you like), or whenever speakers change, or whatever another zany idea you may have!