I will cowrite or help you develop your song

cowrite or help you develop your song

About This Gig

Having troubles with your son?

Songwriting issue? Foggy brain with no sense of song direction?

No Problem!

My name is Saudia.  I am a Jamaican born  professional singer/songwriter.  I have been actively engaged in songwriting for over 15 years and I absolutely love what I do.  

Music is a medium for one to express their wildest dreams, deepest desires, wants and fantasies.  

I live on the edge, so my lyrics are cutting edge and comes from the core of my soul or the transcending evolving optimum space of my mind's eye.

I will help you forge the path of least resistance for your song with a bit of rewriting (involves rephrasing and editing words and/or sentences), restructuring (using typical song structure to formalize, using creativity, poetic expressions and spit verses to congregate and solidify your song) and idea maneuvering (involves developing a concept/idea to express the main topic of your song) along with all that you receive a concrete and solid end product inclusive of an audio demo just so that we are clear on melodies. 

The artist maintains creative freedom, rights to songwriter's royalties and acknowledgment.*

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