I will be your personal indian guide

be your personal indian guide
be your personal indian guide

About This Gig

If you are fond of Indian culture and crazy about indian products but not sure about its authenticity and need some local help, then you are at the right place. I'll help you out with all these doubts you have with anything related to this wonderful country. If you are planning to visit India, i can help you cut down prices on hotel reservations, travel,etc.
Services i provide:
  • Travel and Hotel Deals
  • Delivery of traditional herbs and ayurvedic medicines depending upon the requests. Some famous indian products are Tea, Coffee, sandalwood etc.
  • Guidance related to buying and delivery of  traditional Handicrafts to your country
  • Delivery of traditional clothes such as saree and kurta payjama!
  • Guide you through do's and don'ts if you are visiting india and will even give you my personal number if you need any realtime help
  • I can even guide you on the topics related to spirituality and hinduism!

Order Details

2 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Basic Session

Need guidance while buying any indian product? Or need to cut expanses while visiting india? Ping me