I will fact check any 500 words for $5

fact check any 500 words
fact check any 500 words

About This Gig

What if you based your entire term paper or thesis on a scientific study, only to find out later that the study had since been disproved?

Or, perhaps you're unsure as to whether the main character of your story set in 1890 would have written a letter with a quill or a pen? Or whether the wealthy bachelor hosted a small party on his cruiser or on his yacht?

I can help you get your facts straight! 

Fact-checking your work is important for journalism, non-fiction and fiction writing alike to give you credibility and make your story plausible. Businesses that don't fact-check their information risk compromising their credibility and client trust.

It takes a certain mindset to be a fact-checker. Most people hate it; I love it! I worked for years as a fact-checker for various publications including a newsmagazine. I will happily, thoroughly fact-check your text of 500 words or less!

Please place 1 gig order for every 500 words.
Please message me first for anything over 1,500 words. 

Turnaround time varies depending on length and content; please let me know your needs.

One of the very few on Fiverr offering this service!