I will share your affair or relationship story

share your affair or relationship story

About This Gig

Do you have an Affair Story or relationship experience that you wish to share with other readers?

Our Infidelity Recovery Institute Website helps people understand Infidelity. Writing and sharing you personal affair story can be a profound experience for both YOU, and the for those reading.

Stories about our personal experiences can awaken our awareness, stretch our hearts, and help us to heal. “Share Your Affair Story” aims to do all of these things and to connect with your emotions and the common threads and journeys of the human experience. Indeed, by summoning the strength to reveal ourselves and our struggles, we provide comfort to others facing similar challenges while simultaneously reducing our own sense of isolation.

Be it divorce or triumphant, insightful or inspiring, we would love to read your nonfictional story.

For $5, we will:
  1. Publish your story
  2. Give you a copy of Reboot Your Relationship (Value $19*)
  3. A copy of the book "I Cheated" (Value $9.97 *)