I will give you a chance to win your spot on the Radio Luv RX Tour

give you a chance to win your spot on the Radio Luv RX Tour

About This Gig

Starting at $5, the Radio Luv Network will put your graphic on our website, & air your song on our network for ONE week.

But the REAL magic happens when you sign on at $25 / month.

We'll keep your song & graphic in the rotation, and I'll mention you on my LA Radio show!

But it gets better.

When you sign up through January 2017, you're in the running for the potentially life-changing opportunity of your lifetime.

Radio Luv will enter you to win a chance to play on a big stage at one of our LIVE events for Flintstock, Spring/Summer 2016, amongst big name artists.

Winners will be based upon listener's-choice, and entries must be received no later than January 31, 2017 for the voting to begin.

Touring begins Summer 2016, and the winner will accompany Radio Luv RX for 1 day of the tour, on the tour dates beginning Spring/Summer 2017.

Radio Luv RX will be a series of major events, and will have a worldwide audience, and this is YOUR chance to get your break, since the exposure would be massive. 

What are you waiting for?

Don't miss your big chance!

Order now!