I will how to stop a panic attack

how to stop a panic attack

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Your first panic anxiety attack is a pivotal moment in your life. And I say that because of the effect on your behaviour following that horrendous first event. The emotional turmoil you go through during a panic attack is absolutely overwhelming. It happens so suddenly and so unexpectedly that it leaves you totally bewildered and frightened.

But here's the thing; there is no reason why you should suffer more attacks. So why, once having had a panic attack, do so many victims end up having repeat attacks over time? The reason is that a panic / anxiety attack is just so terrible that it leaves an imprint of fear in your psyche; the fear of having another attack. And it's this very fear of another panic attack that triggers the other attacks. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy because fear is such a powerful emotion.

If you can just take on board, and truly believe, that there is no real reason why you should suffer repeated panic (anxiety) attacks, and that it's your own fear of them that actually delivers them, you can stop panic attacks from blighting your life.


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