I will be your PRIVATE writer

be your PRIVATE writer
be your PRIVATE writer
be your PRIVATE writer

About This Gig

Pssst.... this is an exclusive gig for a short period , I have gotten so many inbox request for this, that finally here it is folks!:

I will be offering ghost writing services to a continuation of your existing published work (articles, books, blogs, executive summary, proposals) or draft work-in-progress.
This gig covers a variety of EXCEPT:
- No horror
- No political commentary
- No occult.
All other topics my pen range is wide.

Fine print you should know:
1. This gig covers 350 words (2-3 gig suggested for best results)
2. This gig requires a draft of your work.
3. This gig does not require NDA's your intellectual property is your own.
4. This gig is great for up & coming authors, biz sites, novels, proposals etc.
5. This gig requires you to communicate clearly and answer accordingly.

Why this gig?
Because everyone needs help and not broadcast from where. I've have helped many authors, columnists, advertisers and countless consultants seeking outsourcing help.Now let me help you, help yourself.

Questions, just ask - some samples available for basic gigs.