I will teach you pro marketing your App,product,golden tips

teach you pro marketing your App,product,golden tips

About This Gig

If you  are quite unsure of how to market your  product/app, if  you  throw it into the wild and hope it will come crawling back out of said wilderness with a bag of gold in its hand.

Sadly this is not going to happen - and while some of you may make games for the sheer joy & artistic side, some of you also would like to actually make enough money to quit your day job.

So I'll delve into the following topics and secrets: + GOLDEN TIPS

1) Website - I will go through how to make a landing page and some easy tricks.

2) Facebook - setup a business page, encourage likes and spread some social love

3) Icon - the do's & don'ts

4) Keywords - How to source the correct ones

5) Money - how to manage your spending, log your hours and work out how much your app 'owes' you before its making you money. (This is a big one that hardly anyone does)

6) Paid reviews - worth it?

7) App Video - The new item any serious app needs to stand out

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