I will give you quality dog advice

give you quality dog advice

About This Gig

I've been working for a service dog trainer for the past two years, where the clients want us to train the usual guard breeds (Rotties, dobies, shepperds, bullies, etc.) in I.P.O, for Colombian policework and the military. We also train some other dogs for service tasks like E.S.A.

The training we do starts when they are very young (7-10 weeks old) and varies depending on what the doggie will be working as. We do our research and are up to date with the training and breeding methods of today.

For the gig, I'll research thoroughly and deliver the content with cited sources and dependable information.

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries you may have!

3 for 1!! Two gigs for the price of one, your first time!!

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