I will teach you Spanish for an hour

teach you Spanish for an hour
teach you Spanish for an hour

About This Gig

I'm a native Colombian Spanish speaker, and we speak a beautiful version of Spanish here. Don't be alarmed, it's exactly the same as any other, except for a few colloquial things. On top of this, I've been learning languages my whole life and I've been teaching English to my fellow Colombians for 5 years. As you can see, I can teach a language.
During our lesson we could review content from your Spanish class, correct phonetics, improve grammar skills, work on conversation, review excercises or anything of the sort. 

We can also do group-work, charging once by each pair of people.
For first-time buyers you get TWO HOURS for the price of ONE!!!!

Here's a link to my YouTube channel. There's not much on it, but I have a couple vids in which I'm speaking both English and Spanish. They're from when I was younger. A LOT younger. I was in high school. But I've gotten a lot better since then.


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