I will make good abstract picture

make good abstract picture

About This Gig

You may be surprised reading this, but I'm not a graphic designer. I'm a programmer with deep image processing experience.
And all what I want to do is create something beautiful that you've never seen.
To do this, I developed some custom tools I use for such unusual drawing.
You can see generated samples by it.
Given colors or palette you like, figures you like and some recommendations, I will create really stunning and unique image you've never seen before and will never see again.
About image dimensions: it does not matter, really. We can discuss it.
Purposes for that image can be used:
  • desktop background on your computer or phone
  • for your website
  • you can print it and put on the wall in your room
  • ...and many others

So, feel free to contact me anytime. Let's have a talk!