I will boost SEO on your wordpress site

boost SEO on your wordpress site

About This Gig

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For 1 Gig Order i will do the followings:

  1. Configure the Yoast and ALL in One SEO plugin on your website as Professional Performance
  2. Generate an XML Sitemap.
  3. fix your site title, description, and Meta Keywords
  4. Verify Your Website on Google 
  5. Give you a configuration report, which details everything I did, and how it will help your site
  6. Customize your Permalink Settings to the best 

For 2 gig Order i wil do the following:
  1. Auto Post Setup in Five different Social sites (link building)
  2. Google Verification of Website and sitemap submission
  3. Site submission and Verication In Bing 
  4. Create an enhanced robots.txt file, to help Google crawl your site faster.
  5. ALT Tags optimization for images
  6. Install a tool to analyse your traffics
  7. Future support via messages
  8. Auto Backlink  in High PRsite 

For Optimze Your Site spped and load time and 2 other Pages of your Choice Check GigExtras.

  • More Tasks Mean More Extras
  • This is SEO not PPC so it needs time To notice the Traffic Improvement and it vary up to the keyword difficult and your website content .

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