I will provide Angel Investor and Startup Coach insights

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provide Angel Investor and Startup Coach insights
provide Angel Investor and Startup Coach insights
provide Angel Investor and Startup Coach insights
provide Angel Investor and Startup Coach insights

About This Gig

I'm an Angel Investor, and Business Coach.  I've heard and read hundreds of pitches.  Give me yours - and I'll give you feedback.  

If they are very good, I might even promote to my friends or even invest.  

Everyone benefits from feedback from someone other than your immediate circle & friends - and it may be the idea or business is great, with a tweak.

Send me details, and I'll take a look and give feedback based on the level of involvement you are interested in as indicated by what you sign up for.

At this price, you can't go wrong, vs. my normal $250/hr rates.

A brief word about what you want/expectations, I've had a couple of folks who hate honest feedback - on your IDEA & PRESENTATION - never on you personally,

I like you guys and I've been in the boat of getting feedback outside my circle!

So WAKE UP and accept it for what it is - feedback. If your idea is not developed, unclear, seems like a scam, etc. or just needs more work - I'm going to tell you what I see that because I have integrity, and I do this to help you - not always to make you feel good.  (And scammers, we know who you are ...)

Looking forward to working with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want you to give me money for my company!
    Have an amazing pitch, all the needed docs, verifiable references, and answer questions. You have a 1 in 100 chance to get investment if everything is perfect. This is reality with any pitch... so the secret is... pitch a lot, and even better get feedback - hence what I give you.
  • I want to ask you questions first, before I spend any money....
    I used to answer all kinds of questions prior to sign up - and I found out not surprisingly - people took advantage of this, and it was almost always a sure sign it was NOT going to be something worth investing in. Paying in the amount of money you think it is worth is hugely valuable to you & me
  • So why are you doing this?
    I enjoy the challenge of helping people around the world, get feedback from an Angel Investor, to solve business and funding challenges - as well as how to make their business successful. While I don't get my normal $huge an hour, I can help people everywhere - rapidly without having to leave home
  • Really, why are you doing this? What's the secret?
    There is a better than 1 in 100 chance I will find an investment worth it each year. I've found 2 that were very interesting, and many that I was delighted to help, and we helped each other. It's fun, I also find this method selects out the lazy, and the worst of the scams, leaving me the real
  • That's it, what else is going on, really? Fiverr doesn't pay enough for you - what's the deal?
    Okay, I'm a Christian, so helping others is part of the deal for me. This is why I give feedback vs. promising to invest, etc. although if I find some good ones - and it can be the beginning of a relationship that goes places. Screening for great deals is time consuming - Fiverr is a filter.
  • Hey, aren't you supposed to use FAQ to give people reasons to sign up with you?
    Yes, I know that, at the same time, being a Scruffy Millionaire, I have plenty to do. I help people because Fiverr gives me access to a wide mix of fun people to help & reveals character RAPIDLY. This is priceless in the process. We invest in people, not just ideas or execution. Are you worth it?
  • I read a bad review about you -
    Yes. It was sad - hard as it is to believe, they didn't want a refund, but rather to rant. Do you have your stuff together? If not, I may not be the one you need. If you want me to do all your work, I'm definitely not your guy.... vs. FEEDBACK on what you are doing, have planned, Ask ahead! :)
  • I read good reviews about you -
    Yes, I've averaged about 2 hours per request - a terrible business model for me, a great deal for you - and unsustainable at $5 - except for the reasons I'm doing this have nothing to do with making money. (See other FAQ) I've earned those, so please feel free to order - I want to help!
  • Before I order I need to know x, y, z....
    Most CEOs make decisions with only 60% of the info the rest of the population seem to need or want. You've taken the time to find this gig - and you can always cancel - all the power is with the buyer (power of the purse!) so why not go ahead right now! Best use of your time.