I will help you master advertising to the wealthy

help you master advertising to the wealthy
help you master advertising to the wealthy

About This Gig

You have an idea or approach to pitch to product or service rich people.  Try it on me and I'll give you feedback.

(See my other gigs, I'm happy to help!  Why?  Once in a while it's worth it, and this acts as a filter, you signing up tells me you are real.  If you are not ready to spend the money, the idea/approach might not be ready.  It also helps you know if you are emotionally ready to take the next step.)

I will recommend to read Thomas J. Stanley's books starting with, The Millionaire Next Door.  The plus of working with me - saving you hours of reading, and you get real world feedback right now.  

FAQ "If you have lots of money, why help me?" Like many millionaires, I got here by the grace of God and hard work.  My biggest challenge is to filter out the digital daily noise, and help projects that are worthwhile.

Taking this step, you show me and yourself that you are worthwhile by believing in your project by backing it not just with time spent writing up answers, "talk is cheap" but going beyond to steps on executing on an idea, and committing to it via money - it gets real very quick!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of authority are you?
    I'm a scruffy millionaire, and son-in-law to multi-millionaires. I am in an Angel investor group, so have further connections that way, and I'll give you my feedback rapidly.