I will conduct an online survey for you

conduct an online survey for you

About This Gig

I will conduct an online survey for you. I have helped many people make better business decisions based on what consumers preferences are. 

Choose from respondents in USA (by default), England, France or Australia. 
You will receive a results bar graph, and a comprehensive report in a spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet includes the following data of respondents:
-Male or female.
-Age brackets.
If you require targeting of these above demographics, I will need to add 50% on top of the price as a custom offer.

  • Images may be used in your survey. Eg. "Which logo looks better?"

  • You can have up to 6 options for each answer, or even ask an open ended question.

  • Important: To keep costs low, this gig is for ONE question only. Need more? You may order extra independent single question surveys. 

  • The base $5 gig gets you 20 responses to one question only, with no targeting. More responses are offered with gig extras, and offer better value.

  • Please note: I cannot distribute your own link to your survey, or find respondents to fill in your own survey. I must create my own and run it for you. Thanks!

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