About This Gig

My name is Scott Gerhardt and I am the host of the nationally broadcast radio show, "The Gamer's Dome". We discuss all sorts of gaming, from video gaming to card gaming, board gaming, and a lot more. If you want yourself, your product, your guild, your dog, or anything else getting a shoutout to a national audience, this is the gig for you. We can't do any vulgarity, hate speech, or anything that might cause our listeners to become angry and write us ugly letters, but if gamers are your target, we're you're source. The show goes off every Tuesday evening, so that's when your message happens. To guarantee it getting in on time, submit your gig no later than noon pacific on Tuesday. After that, it might get in or might get held over to next week. Write if you have any questions! A single gig is up to 5 seconds on mention time. Please see extras for more options. If you need a script written, please purchase 1 additional gig. We do simple voice commercials - if you have something pre-produced, we'll can use it, no additional gigs - just send the file over.