I will proofread your sheet music

proofread your sheet music

About This Gig

I will check your sheet music for possible errors and flag up anything that looks wrong or could be expressed better.

For example:
- accidentals missing
- rests missing
- too many beats in the bar
- transposition errors
- confusing beaming
- enharmonic spelling (e.g. F#s that should be G flats)

1 gig per page of notation.

I have several years experience at both ends - as composer and performer - and have a keen eye for those errors that might sound OK when played back on Sibelius or Logic, but are annoying, or frankly baffling, when given to a real person to play.

For composers, I can offer a fresh pair of eyes to double-check you haven't missed anything.

For musicians that use MIDI to generate notation, but maybe aren't readers themselves, I can turn a mess of ties and accidentals into a more simply-expressed, performer-friendly piece of notation.

I can work with handwritten scores (scanned or a good, clear photo), PDFs, Sibelius or MusicXML files.  With these last two, I can fix errors if you wish, otherwise I'll send back an annotated copy with highlights and suggestions.

Give me a shout if you have any questions - if you have other requirements than above I'm open to offers!