I will provide a HD video in a friendly Scottish accent

Thank you, nice job!
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Great service, excellent communication, will use again!
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provide a HD video in a friendly Scottish accent
provide a HD video in a friendly Scottish accent
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About This Gig

Hi, I'm ScottishSarah and a highly rated seller with 100% positive feedback.

I will present your video in a clear, professional and natural manner that is assured to win trust and confidence in your product or service.

You will provide me with a script and short brief in order for me to create the video. 

Basic professional gig offer for $5:
  • Word count:  Up to 30 words (a gig per extra 30 words)
  • Time length:  Approximately 30 seconds
  • Appearance:  Red blouse with black jacket - see sample video
  • Background:  White
  • Equipment:  5 point lighting, condensor microphone, studio Canon camera, high grade lens
  • Resolution:  1080p - high definition
  • Editing:  Final Cut Pro X

I am happy to discuss any special requirements you may have please just message me.

Strictly no adult themes.  

  • 5 days for standard turnaround
  • 3 days for upgraded fast and prompt delivery

Why I choose me?
  • 17 years as a professional marketeer
  • BA Marketing degree from British university
  • Recognised promoter of top UK brands
  • Customer orientated, agile delivery of gigs

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