I will proofread and edit your screenplays

proofread and edit your screenplays
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Description Short Film Package Television Package Feature Package
  This includes standard proofreading and editing for a short film screenplay (5-20 pages). This includes standard proofreading and editing for a television pilot (50-70 pages). This includes standard proofreading and editing for a feature screenplay (80-120 pages).
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About This Gig

Finally finished writing that script but you're so tired of it that you can't imagine re-reading it? As a screenwriter myself I know that feeling, so I am here to help you out. I will proofread your script for grammatical errors as well as formatting errors. I will also provide basic critiques/feedback, not centered around content, on the flow and format of your script. But if you'd like feedback on the content, please select the option for that!

As someone having graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in screenwriting and someone having read many, many scripts during internships that were both in production and submitted for production, I will approach your work with a prolific base of knowledge. As well, I just generally have a great passion for writing and I truly enjoy editing scripts of all types! So hire me and I will lend you my talents as well as my passion!

I am open to customizing your gig if your work doesn't fit in the parameters of my packages. Just message me!

I have included on here an upload of my most recent short script (that's already been shot and is in post production as we speak) so that you can glimpse what my abilities are as a writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I receive?
    You will receive from me a returned PDF file of your script annotated with highlights and notes illustrating the error as well as detailing the proper correction. If you've selected the feedback option the document will also contain notes of my critique.
  • Do you make any of the changes in the document?
    I don't perform the corrections myself! I prefer to highlight and explain the corrections so that you gain an understanding of what needs to be fixed and why; I believe in helping educate so you can avoid mistakes in the future!
  • Once I get the returned document how do I open it?
    When you open the file I send back to you make sure you open it up in Adobe Reader and not in your internet explorer, as my notes will only show up in a Reader.