I will install VestaCP for you

install VestaCP for you
install VestaCP for you

About This Gig

I have installing, securing, and using the VestaCP web hosting control panel for quite some time now.  I have used it in a production environment for some very high traffic websites.

I have become very literate on what it can do, and what it cannot. 

I can fully manage any of your servers with VestaCP to bring your server costs down because it's an open source control panel.

I can:
  • Install VestaCP, an open source web hosting control panel
  • Secure your server
  • Ensure all packages are updated on the server
  • Setup a domain on VestaCP and ensure it works

Order Details


I will install VestaCP for you on your server.

2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by securing the server?
    With this, I'll ensure your servers packages are updated, a non-standard SSH port is being used, password authentication is disabled and keys are being used, and the firewall is active and configured correctly.
  • How many installs of VestaCP have you done?
    100+ and counting. I use it literally for everything now.
  • Which operating system is supported?
    I can install and do any of the services on any of the operating systems that are supported by the control panel.
  • What do I need to give you ahead of time for the install?
    You will need to ensure a fresh operating system is installed and you have full root access to the server to hand over to me for the installation.