I will do a psychic reading to predict your FUTURE

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do a psychic reading to predict your FUTURE
do a psychic reading to predict your FUTURE

About This Gig

I am Anne, a psychic and tarot reader with over 15 years experience correctly predicting future life events for my clients. I have had the gift as long as I can remember as a child.

I have accurately predicted future events of hundreds of clients in in my own practice and have helped provide guidance to hundreds of clients on popular psychic platforms.

I am now extending this offer to Fiverr customers.  My service is not for "fortune telling" as you might find at a carnival. I simply use my ability to explain what is coming in your life.

This gig gives you:

  • Opportunity to ask 3 questions and get a 250-300 character answer for each
  • A picture of your chosen cards
  • Peace of mind from your worries or concerns

My psychic predictions are genuine and accurate.
This gig is for entertainment purposes only.
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Order Details

2 days delivery

3 life predictions

3 life predictions with a thorough explanation for each one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What methods do you use?
    For a reading I may work directly with your guides, use Tarot Cards, use Lenormand Cards or the Angels and Guides Deck
  • Can you predict pregnancy gender?
    As part of this service I don't predict gender.
  • Can I ask any questions I like?
    For the most part yes. I have many clients ask if they will find love, or what changes are coming in their career. Clients also ask about love ones passed over.
  • Can you do spells?
    No. But I can balance your chakras doing distance healing. Message me to find out how.