I will optimize Your YouTube Video For Search

optimize Your YouTube Video For Search

About This Gig

If you want your videos to be found on YouTube, (and I know you do) it’s important to make sure they are optimized for search.

I have outlined a few basic practices below that will allow you to optimize your videos so they get more views online. It doesn’t take much time and it will ensure you get better ranking in both You Tube and Google when people search on your keywords. This gig is not only for YouTube video, you can order this gig for any video which you wants to optimize to get search.

What you will get in 5$

- Your Title, with use of high medium and law searchable keywords

- Your  Video Tags

- Description, searchable keywords

- Submission in 50 search engines for indexing

- submit video url in top directory

Through above activities your video will start ranking in searches and you can see improve in views.