I will 3d print ANYTHING for you

3d print ANYTHING for you
3d print ANYTHING for you
3d print ANYTHING for you

About This Gig

3D printing is a technology that will allow you to create anything you can imagine However, 3D printers are expensive and very hard to operate properly. There are tons of parameters which will ruin your prints if not set up correctly.

So why not let a professional take care of it? I can print anything for you, up to 100 minutes for a single gig + shipping and I will send it to you, anywhere in the world. Go ahead, design something in 3D and send it my way. I will evaluate the model and give you tips on whether it can be printed for free. You can then modify the model if needed. For an extra gig I can do it for you. 

You can choose between high quality or fast printing and anywhere in between. The material used is ABS and you can choose from any of the available colors below. I remove supports and finish models for free.

Colors that are currently available
- Fluorescent yellow

Printing options
- FAST (Layer height 0.4mm, nozzle size 0.4mm, prints very fast, creates strong models but with less details, costs less)
- SLOW (Layer height below 0.2mm, nozzle size 0.2mm, prints very slow but with a lot of details, models are a bit fragile, costs more)

Please contact me before ordering!