I will teach and prepare you for a visit to the DEEP web

teach and prepare you for a visit to the DEEP web
teach and prepare you for a visit to the DEEP web

About This Gig

Ever hear those rumors about how the whole internet was so huge and vast and yet, it is merely 2% of what the real web consists of? Every website, every page, profile, blog, video in the world -- and yet there is 98% more that you have never seen.

Ladies and gentlemen, the rumor is true. The remaining 98% is called the Deep web and now you can visit it. The deep web, as the name suggests is a very dark place. All the stuff that is deemed inappropriate or dangerous for the normal web goes to the deep web. You'll find secret documents similar to wikileaks but vastly more in number, you'll find methods on how to really become a rich person, you'll find marketplaces where you can buy anything and everything, literally from a chocolate bar to hiring a hitman.

The deep web is a whole new world waiting to be explored. It is unlike anything you have ever experienced and you owe it to yourself to see it at least once. Many people had their eyes opened after their first trip through the deep web. It's your turn now. Step right in, see what society didn't want you to see. 

Order Details

5 days delivery

Entry to the deep web

You will be show how to enter the deep web and browse it

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After I buy the gig and visit the deep web, do I need to buy again in order to visit the deep web again?
    No. What you're buying is the knowledge of how to enter. Once I show you the way, you'll be able to visit the deep web whenever you want, forever and at no additional cost.
  • Do I need any special equipment to visit the deep web?
    Hardware-wise, no. You'll need some special software though. With the basic gig you'll get a public version of the software but since the deep web is a place where there is no fairplay and no rules, you might want to consider a custom software which will actively protect you against hackers.
  • Why do I need a list of locations? Can't I use a search engine like Google?
    There is no search engine on the deep web, or any other search function whatsoever. Things are very different from the normal internet. You'll be doing the surfing the old fashioned way. You click on links and see where they take you. The locations list will make the trip a lot shorter though.
  • Why do I need you as my consultant?
    The deep web contains a lot of marketplaces and since there are no rules, you can get scammed pretty easily. I know most marketplaces though and can guide you safely through your purchases so that you always end up with what you paid for. Consider me your personal guardian angel.