I will answer your dog training questions

answer your dog training questions

About This Gig

I will give detailed, helpful advice for all of your training issues you may be having with Fido. I will send you an e-mail answering any questions most people have with things like leash pulling, potty training a puppy, basic commands, manners, and all manner of things. I will gives links to videos, books and other resources.
I can also give step by step instructions to solve many common issues, using positive methods, and modern techniques.  This is not "dog whispering".

Let's say Fido is a terror on a leash, and walking him just sucks. I will give you detailed instructions on Loose-Leash walking, like I would in one of my group classes, give you a link to a video to see how it's done, and recommend some books on Clicker work. If you can't afford to take a class, or don't have the time,
you can get the next best thing right here. A ton of helpful advice and instructions from a qualified professional trainer. For 5 Bucks.

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