I will do any data analysis work using R

do any data analysis work using R
do any data analysis work using R

About This Gig

This gig is dedicated to any data analysis and data science task or assignments using R programming language.
R is the defacto language for data science and various services offered with this gig are:

  1. Data analysis using various statistical techniques
  2. Data Wrangling using different R packages
  3. Data Science 
  4. Modelling and Forecasting
  5. Classification etc.
  6. Exploratory Analysis and Data Visualizations.

Also provided are

  1. Full documentation of R codes and explanation using Rmarkdown and Knitr.
  2. Full interpretation and reports of results of results.

Don't forget to include your data set and provide detailed explanations about your analysis objectives.
I fully comply with reproducible research so all results are fully reproducible. It would also be nice if you contact me first for discussions about the required analysis.

Best Regards. 

Order Details

Basic Analysis Tasks

This includes doing basic tasks or assignments in R. Delivery includes source code usually.

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2 days delivery 1 Revision