I will write Up to 1000w of fiction fantasy

Top writing from seller after provided with an light outline. A valued item to our collection. Very happy! Will task again!
Reviewed by gropo9999 over 1 year ago
write Up to 1000w of fiction fantasy
write Up to 1000w of fiction fantasy
write Up to 1000w of fiction fantasy

About This Gig

You will have in no time a new and fresh story. You may choose the characters or simply let me create new and enchanting short tales for your followers. Fantasy and Urban F come easy to me; the world of magic and mythical creatures captures many fans around the world. Please contact me before and we'll work on the details before you order... (This gig is 700 Up to 1000w all depending on the events in the story and how it develops)

 With fantasy you can have: Warlocks, shape-shifters, telepaths, telekinesis, witches, hybrids, dragons and whatever you might think off.

 No matter what you choose, I will develop the idea and give you a final product full of excitement.

If you want we could also come up with other interesting elements to add to the story or you may simply leave it all up to me. If you want more than 1000 words than let me know and I will make you a customized offer

Important: "This gig is for 1 story only. If your story requires more than 1000 words (which would imply deepening the storyline, character development, and more) message me before ordering and I'll gladly send you a custom offer. 

-The extra fast (2 days) delivery isn't for stories longer than 2500 words.