I will do Product Sourcing find China supplier with advise to you

do Product Sourcing find China supplier with advise to you
do Product Sourcing find China supplier with advise to you

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Description Consultation Simple Product Sourcing PREMIUM Product Sourcing
  Let's talk about what it is exactly that you need in an up to 15 min. call or messenger talk Consultation + Simple Product Sourcing for one product & negotiations Consult., Product sourcing for one product, negotiations, supplier comparision,price negotiation.
Delivery Time 1 day 5 days 6 days
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About This Gig

If you buy this Gig, I will research manufacturers and suppliers in China for any product you want.

For 5$, I will give you an up to 15 mins. consultation about what product you need to find and your requirements. 

Please include the following information when you order (used for factories)

  • Company Name
  • Name of Contact, Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Website
For the full product sourcing service, you should either buy the Standard or Premium gig.

I am doing one stop sourcing service for our overseas clients, and bring you unique value!


No time difference any more!

No time wasting when communicating with Chinese factories!

Find right supplier with competitive costs! Can provide supplier comarision.

Speed up your China sourcing process and help grow!


10 years international trade working experience, also skilled in product sourcing, price negotiating, shipping arrangement.

Please see the gig description and select the standard or Preminum gig as per your demand, BUT please don't just buy a 5$ Gig or whatever you think suits you and expect me to do what you have in mind before we talked about. <<< Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have the contact information of the supplier?
    Yes, absolutely, I will send supplier contact info to you.