I will troubleshoot your Adwords Account

troubleshoot your Adwords Account

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Description Keyword Fix Ads Resolver (Up to 20 ads) per Gig Account Suspension Resolver
  Having trouble with disapproved or not running keywords? I will Review & solve your keyword issues. Having trouble with disapproved or not running ads? I will Review & solve ads issues. Sometimes you run a solid business but for any reasons you violated Google Policy. But What? I help!
Delivery time 3 days 3 days 29 days

About This Gig

Sometimes there are violations on your Adwords Account but you just don't find the issue.

Calling the Support is not helpful neither. They create only Confusion.
It just drives crazy. The only thing you want is to have your ads up and running as before.

                                                          Let me help you to fix it!

As former Google employee working as Policy Guru I know most policy issues and how to fix them, if they are not absolutely violating the fundamental policies. I have often seen that at least 60% of the advertisers have no real policy issues, but they are not allowed to make changes nor to say exactly what's the issue. This costs the advertisers time and nerves and incomes, as the ads are not running!

I will review the problem, come up with a solution and fix it. If it's content on your web I will tell you WHAT to modify

IF THE ISSUE IS NOT SOLVABLE (extreme, Historic violations, specific business where there are no ways to advertise it on Google) and I cannot help you, I guarantee the cancellation of the order: YOU GET YOUR MONEY FROM THE GIG BACK!

Please do NOT BUY the Gig if you do Loans, Weapons, Porno, Gambling, Counterfeit goods...