I will do PPC Ad campaign and keyword Research

do PPC Ad campaign and keyword Research

About This Gig

They say... Traffic = Sales =  Revenue

This being said…more the traffic…more will be the sale..and more will be revenue!
The best and easiest way to get traffic is from the search engine results pages (SERP). But in today’s cut throat competition, it is not always possible to position your business among the giants of the market in the search engine results pages.
 We are a team of experienced and trained PPC Ad campaign managers, having  6+ years of experience in all top ad service providers including Google Ad-words.
WE KNOW what people are searching for!
WE KNOW how to make effective & in-budget ad campaigns!
WE KNOW how to rank your brand among the competition!
We will not only establish your brand among the top of the market, we will make it flourish as well.
Making it giving more sales to your business resulting more profit for you.
Our Services:

  • Keyword Research & Targeting
  • Ad campaign analysis & Creation
  • Running & Monitoring of the Ad Campaigns
  • Regular reports on traffic, CTR and ROI
Our Motto:

Quality, Innovative & In-Budget Delivery!