I will provide 5 TUmblr, 5 WeEbly exPired blogs, PA28

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provide 5 TUmblr, 5 WeEbly exPired blogs, PA28
provide 5 TUmblr, 5 WeEbly exPired blogs, PA28

About This Gig

Why are Expired Tumblr and Weebly blogs with Great PA so excellent? You will find 4 primary reason.

Page Authority - With PA at or over 28 you instantly have backlinks without needing to build anymore links.

Domain Authority - Tumblr and Weebly includes a domain authority of 98 and Domain moz Trust of 8.37 which makes it probably the most approved and reliable domain names around the internet.

Age - After recent updates ranking brand-new subdomains grew to become harder because of sand-boxing. These expired tumblrs often a year or older and frequently have a lot of pages indexed so you do not have to worry about Indexing them. 

Cost - Tumblr and Weebly do not have any hosting cost as they are free to build. 

There's no doubt about this Page Authority (PA) is paramount element in determining the standard from the web 2 . 0..

Within this gig I'll provide you with 5 expired Tumblr and Weebly blogs, having a  PA 28+ and register them for you under 1 email address. How cool is that?

What else could you use expired Tumblr and Weebly domain?
  • Sell Back lnks
  • Sell guest post
  • Develop a PBN business
  • Use for tier 1 backlink building penalty free

Currently I do not offer market/niche specific blogs, sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Weebly had an update. Will the weebly blogs index?
    The Answer is YES! My blogs are very special, as they are indexable and you do not have to pay weebly to turn on its indexation service. The blogs get indexed within hours and I offer 100% guarantee on these.
  • Do these blogs have backlinks poitnting to them?
    Basic gig only guarantees quality and spam free high PA blogs. If you need blogs with guaranteed backlinks, please message me so I can offer you a custom gig that will Guarantee both PA and strong backlinks. But the basic package blogs too have backlinks pointing, but not Guaranteed.
  • Do these blogs have TF CF?
    TF CF is a measurement by Majestic. I do not offer blogs with Guaranteed TF/ CF but most of my weebly blogs come with some good TF/ CF. If you need Guaranteed TF for Weeblys, please message me so I can offer you a custom gig.
  • Can I use the blogs with same ip?
    These blogs are registered under 1 account. Please do not use a VPN or cheap proxies to access these accounts. Just use your usual ip to access them, if you are managing only 1 account.
  • Are these blogs spam free?
    YES! I make sure my clients get 100% spam free blogs that include no adult related anchors or backlinks including gambling, pharma and others. If by any chance you get one, your blog will be 100% replaced within 1 day.