I will find Low competition Long tail Keywords with Guide to Rank

find Low competition Long tail Keywords with Guide to Rank

About This Gig

I will research 15 Best Long tail Keywords which will be related to your website niche and easy to rank for you.

Misconception about Long tail KW

People think if someone offering 1000 Long tail kW he is better because he is providing soo much. but it's the wrong concept because everyone is working on a specific niche and has to work on a specific topic.

if I provide you 1000 long tail keywords you will think for 10 days which kW is best among these and which should I target.

So don't worry Just give me smile because I will give you 15 best Long tail keywords with a Guide How to rank All these.
My method will be 100% White Hat.

Bonus Offer: I will give you one special keyword with Low competition which will be easy for a newbie to rank in a week if you follow my guide.

I will provide you report 
  • CPC
  • KW Difficulty
  • KW Competition
  • Monthly search Volume

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I will provide 15 Best Long Tail Keyword With a Guide How to rank these Keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If i am newbie still i can rank with your guide?
    yes, because my method will be simple and i will choose best keywords with low competition.
  • Will you also tell keywords difficulty of all keywords?
    Yes i will provide full details about keyword difficulty.