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manage Google advertising campaign
manage Google advertising campaign

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Description Standard Premium Pro
  Keyword research, competition analysis and SEARCH only campaign development. Campaign research, competition, placement, and SEARCH ONLY ads setup keywords, competition analysis, landing page review, placement, report, and conversion tracking
Campaign Development
Seller will develop a campaign
SEM Report
Seller will review your account and provide a report highlighting issues with your SEM/PPC strategy
Campaign Optimization
Seller will optimize your SEM/PPC campaign
Account Setup
Seller will set up your SEM/PPC account
Management Duration (Weeks)
Seller will manage your SEM for the amount of weeks indicated (see gig description for details)
Competitors Analyzed
Seller will analyze the keywords for the number of competitors indicated
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The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 2 3
Delivery Time
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About This Gig

I am a full-time Digital Marketer and Google AdWords expert. I manage at least 50 accounts successfully every single month. I will improve, setup and/or optimize your campaign for optimum result.

End Of The Year Offer! 
Get 30 Days AdWords Management for $125

               <><><> Fact You Might Not Know About AdWords<><><>                                        
  <><>>For every $1 spent on Google advert, clients make doubled in ROI<<><>
This is possible only if a professional handles and manage the campaigns.

Now You Have The Opportunity To Save A Lot Of Money While I Give You The Best


1) Setup & Launch Search Network campaign ($25)

- Landing Page review
- Keyword research
- Negative keywords
- Writing Advert

2) Setup & Launch Display Network campaign (Custom quote)

- Competitor Analysis
- Placement research
- Audience research (interests and topics)
- Keyw0rd research

3) Special (Based on negotiation).

7 days management
Generate conversion code
Make changes where necessary 
Optimization &

4) Remarketing (CUSTOM REQUEST).

- Setup remarketing campaign
- Generate tag
- Create list


30 Days Full Management

This gig may require extras or special invoice!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you advertise sales page?
    Yes, i do. However, your sales page must comply with the Google Advertising policy. You can read it from the adwords page.
  • Who will pay Google?
    Obviously, you'll be the one to pay for your Google ads. This gig only covers the research, settings, campaign development, optimization, conversions, remarketing, video ads, display ads, call only ads, search only ads, and other advanced settings.
  • How much will i spend to run adverts on Google?
    Google does not set a limit for advertisers. However, you need to add fund to your adwords account or link a valid debit card to your account. You can set a daily budget to meet your marketing need. In fact, you can make your budget to be $1 per day. However, the more your budget, the better chance
  • How long will you run the advert?
    Depending on the gig package you choose, the duration may be between 2 and 14 days. If you don't know the best package, kindly contact me to learn more about the features.
  • Will i make more money if i buy your adwords gig?
    The goal of this gig is to help you run a successful adwords campaign. Obviously, you can make more money, however you need to look into other factors that can affect the effectiveness of your campaign. Some of the factors are: Responsive landing page Poor page loading Unclear product description
  • Will i be able to manage the account on my own?
    Possibly! It all depends on your experience using Google adwords. However, if you don't understand the setup, kindly hire someone to handle the management. Of course, i offer cheap adwords management package.